When The Boat Comes In - Tomorrow 

As we write this on Sunday evening we find ourselves staying at a good old Premier Inn (Harwich).  Our ferry to Hook of Holland leaves at 9am on Monday morning where we then have a short drive to Dordrecht for a couple of nights' stay. Hopefully, we can secure a gig whilst we are there, or even try the old busking lark - something we have not actually done before.  After that it's off to Delft and.......who knows!

It looks like we have our first booking for when we return to England - 28th November in The Hyde Tavern in Winchester.  A 50th birthday party for Andy whom we met at the private party in Southampton yesterday.  Hopefully, it might lead to one or two more gigs in Winchester and persuade us to buy the campervan after all.

A New Beginning 

Well, we finally did it and "took the plunge".  

At the moment, we are staying in Manchester until we start this year's adventure - Holland, Belgium and Germany.  

A bit late we know.....but, as you can see, we've finally produced a website. We've already uploaded one video from an open mic at "Hold Fast" in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and will be uploading more over the coming weeks, as well as releasing sound clips from our forthcoming studio session.

For now, we are looking forward to playing again this Thursday in Altrincham at "Embrace - The House of Spirits".  

On a final note, at the end of the month we are travelling to Southampton to again play at a private event dubbed "Alternative Glastonbury" - something which we are really looking forward to.